The Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Granite Slab

Keith Flenniken advises that you weigh the pros and cons of granite prior to making your purchase.

Keith Flenniken is the founder of a successful real estate business, Flenniken Enterprises. His portfolio boasts an impressive range of properties. Some of these commercial, single family, and multi-family homes can be found on his Pinterest page. To be successful in the industry, Keith Flenniken relies on a team of talented artisans that are able to bring worth to something undervalued. An eye for design is an important element that can help others appreciate the space as well.

When remodeling a kitchen, potential home-buyers have a tendency to look for a renovated, modern kitchen. Granite countertops are an ideal option for an instant, luxurious feel, but according to an article on, there are many pros and cons that should be considered first.


  • Aesthetically pleasing- Granite countertops are beautiful and come in a variety of colors to match any decor. In addition, since granite is natural, no two pieces are alike, ensuring your product is unique.

  • Durable- Unlike other countertops, granite is scratch resistant and will not chip easily. Furthermore, it is heat resistant so hot pans can be placed directly on the countertops without damaging the surface.

  • Adds Value- As granite countertops are ranked favorably among potential home buyers, they are a huge selling point and will add more value to your home.


  • Expensive- Granite is an expensive material and often, must be custom made to fit your pre-existing counter tops.

  • Difficult to Repair- Although it is very resistant to chips, if the granite does chip, repairs will not be easy.

  • Reseal Regularly- Granite countertops are prone to staining, but with proper upkeep, can be avoided. Resealing the countertops at least once a year can prevent the granite from absorbing stains.

  • Difficult Installation- Granite is a very heavy product and therefore is difficult to install on your own. Hiring someone to install the countertops results in an additional expense.

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